Why Us

Professional License for Chartering

All our boats have a Professional Licensefor Chartering from the Greek Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.
IMPORTANT: Insurance companies cover only boats with a professional license for chartering. Ask for it (License in blue color paper) when chartering a vesseland demand this to be included as a special term in your rental agreement! Unfortunately, many boats with private boat use license are rented in Greece, which means that you rent a boat with NO insurance! Make sure you hire a boat with a professional license for chartering to avoid unwelcome risks!

TWIN engines power

TWIN engines power is offered to all our boats, because safety comes always first when boating in the open sea. Our boats operate in all Aegean islands!

FULL insurance coverage

All our boats come with FULL insurance coverage in order to ensure relaxed moments for you and your family.

NOT a Brokerage company

We are not a Brokerage company! All our boats are inspected and serviced ONLY by authorized engineers ensuring mechanical and operational excellence. We give our boats the best professional treatment for a trouble free experience…

Personalized Services

We offer personalized services... please do not hesitate to ask us if you have special inquiries!